Deluxe Printing Group

Deluxe Invests in New Platesetter


More Efficient Workflows

With offset printing it's not uncommon to experience several days of preparation time before ever putting a drop of ink on paper. Reason being, those amazing graphics you see on your computer screen have to be broken down into thousands of microscopic dots, separated into color groups, then imaged onto metal plates. These plates are literally hung on a press inside a printing unit and whatever dots are shown are what ends up on the paper. Needless to say, the plate making process is critical to the success of any job. With the installation of the PlateRite 8600z, Deluxe has been able to cut prep time by 20%, decrease plate waste by over 50% and streamline the time it takes for plates to get to the press.

"Our company is experiencing a growth period that started in the Spring of 2019 and continues to surprise us. To stay relevant and competitive our company must invest in new tech. This new platesetter makes the pre-printing process of plate making much faster and more environmentally clean." Jeremy East - President

Reduced Eco-Footprint

The PlateRite 8600 plate makers have an astonishing 73% reduction in stand-by power usage and 60% less active-power usage compared to its predecessors. With an operation that runs over 3,000 hours annually, our energy reduction is a massive improvement on our local power grids.

In addition, this asset has a state-of-the-art, non-chemical imaging capability. This means all of the typical, and potentially hazardous, chemicals traditionally used for plate making have been removed from our process making our process much cleaner.