Deluxe Printing Group

Case Study: Auto Dealer Loyalty Program

Customer: A National Auto Dealer (NAD)

Problem: NAD was falling short when utilizing their existing customer data to drive new sales. In addition,

repeat customer traffic in the service department was under budget.

Solution: In partnership with Deluxe Printing Group, NAD shared what customer data was being captured, where it was being utilized and strategized with Deluxe on what drives car buyers to return to the dealership for recurring service needs. NAD’s desire was for every new car buyer to know they could service their vehicle at the dealer location where the purchase was made. Deluxe then presented a “coupon book” concept which customers could invest in during the final sale process. Coupon books were available for multiple services and durations. In addition, NAD wanted to incentivize their customers to influence their network of friends and family to purchase from the same dealership by offering the client $100 for each referral. Deluxe proposed a mailing program utilizing our variable data and digital printing capabilities which would be mailed to the client immediately after their purchase.

Customer’s Reward: This program has a 20% closing rate during final sales, has increased closing sale revenues by $20,000 and dramatically increased recurring service appointments, each with up-sale potential.